Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crazy Junk Man’s place

Well if you’ve been to Tammy's blog you’ve seen the video of yesterdays escapades.  She Really did not want to go to Crazy Junk Mans.  She told me it was because it was hot, dirty, he’s crazy, etc.  I’m still not sure she wanted to let the cat out of the bag as to where he is located!!!  (kidding)

There’s no way one hundred shoppers could make a dent in all of the junk this man has. 

And inside his “Junk Mall” it was surprisingly organized.  Really organized!  That’s where the crazy comes in I think!

But I told Tammy he’s probably crazy like a fox.  He probably has more $$$ than all of us!

Ready for pictures?

Crazy Junk Mans “Junk Mall” ---Outside


  Some might call this scrap metal.  I call it projects!


OK, this is the first time I told Tammy to “hold my camera…I’m goin’ in!” 



Now we’ve gone inside.  This is where the crazy part comes in!  How can you go from what we just saw outside to this organization? 









 Tammy is still muttering “Oh My Gosh!”


She told me to stick my head in this door.  It said Employees Only on the sign on the door.  But it was open! 


She said the last time she and Patti were here the junk man took them inside this unknown room.  It’s long and the whole length of the building.  She said it was very CREEPY.

Must have been Patti.  He didn’t offer to take us in today!

But… all of the sudden he was right behind me offering to take my treasures to the counter so I didn’t have to carry them.   I had found a new tea pot.  Had been searching for just the right one.  I declined his offer, in case I found one I liked better.

Would you look at this little pile of enamel ware?  I love this stuff!




 This is probably a Hillbilly thing.  A crocheted cover for your enamel pan lids!!!  And we say we don’t have enough hours in a day!!!   How did they do it?  



OK, are you understanding the crazy part yet?

From this…


To this…



There seems to be an oil lamp theme of collections here too.

At one of the shops in Joplin there was a Huge display of them.  I’ve never thought much about them.  I have a couple, but never thought there would be so many different sizes and shapes.  I was just thinking functional!



Ever notice as an artist, you tend to look at colors very closely?  Oooh, that would be a great rug color!!!  Well these are some of the color groupings at Crazy Man Junk!








Patti had asked Tammy to keep a heads up for an old fashioned clothes pin bag.  The cloth kind.

I have a feeling that if they were going to be anywhere in  here this would be the place.  Well I was Not going to stick my hand in that pile!  We have brown recluse spiders in this neck of the woods and they would love this pile!

Sorry Patti!



I asked Mrs. Crazy Man if she thought they had one and she said defiantly no.  I have a feeling they know exactly what’s in this place and where!

Mr. Crazy Man was nice enough to carry my things out to the car.  He said, “see that 150 ft. long quansit hut there across the interstate?  That’s mine too and it’s full of stuff.  Go on over there and go in the side door.  The light switch is just above the door.  Let me know if you want anything!

Sure!!!  We’re game!  After all we’re on our way home, so what if we get really dirty at this point?

This is the sidewalk by the entrance.


 This is the side door!!!  Scarey right?  I told Tammy to go first!




We’re in!  Tammy is Still muttering OMG!!!!  This time a lot louder!!!





 Leave it to me to find a box of shiny jewelry in a place like this!  I really am a crow.  That’s what my husband calls me! I will bend over and pick up anything that’s shiny or sparkly.



 Back to the crazy.  These beautiful dining chairs in the midst of all of this junk!  There were only five of them though.



 If you watched Tammy's video this is the last time I said- I’m goin’ in!  See that blue and white box at the bottom center of the pic?  That’s about where my foot was when I screamed bloody murder!!!  A frog had jumped past my right foot!  When I looked down I thought it was a little baby bird.  (Remember, I’m blind!)  Can you imagine what went through my mind when I saw something moving in this place?


We suspect this is where Mr. and Mrs. Crazy Man live.  Right in the parking lot of the quansit hut!


And yup……just as I thought……..

He is crazy like a fox.  There’s a Cadillac parked in his drive!



If you haven’t already, go to Tammy’s blog to check out her video of our expedition.

I had fun sharing our day with you.  I hope you had fun watching it with photographs!




Ter'e said...

Oh Sheri - you girls had so much FUN! What an awesome place. So many treasures!!!!! As Tammy panned the camera, I saw an angel with wings ---- I would have grabbed that for sure. I laughed - my husband laughed ---- thanks for sharing all the fun with us.

BTW, you know I am a "CROW" too ---- a real Crow. Crow's my maiden name! No wonder we get along.

What a super fun filled day you CRAZY girls had!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sheri ~
Sounds like you two had a ball. What fun! So what treasures did you end up bringing home?
I've checked out your Etsy shop. Wonderful wool ;-)

WoolenSails said...

What great places to explore. Lots of good treasures in places like that.


TamboinMO said...

OMG! How many times did that expression cross my lips on Wednesday? A LOT!!!
Still laughing about our day!

JoJo said...

We have a place almost EXACTLY like this here in Topeka!!! A total junk pile on the outside but so much stuff on the inside and it's fairly well laid out. Our place, though, has furniture and used appliances too. I'm not real crazy about going there unless I'm looking for something very specific because I come home feeling so dirty. And we have those brown recluse spiders here too so I'm careful.

But isn't it amazing what you can find at these places??

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Holy, freaking cow! What a blast! I saw organization outside...concrete and metals were separated....I'd be going in so much that Mr. Crazy Man would put me on a payroll. Love all that organization and "stuff". How fun! ~Mindy

dulcy said...

Okay.....when do I get to go?