Friday, June 12, 2009

Post number ninety-nine!

Well first I need to correct the mistake from my last post. I said I had a new friend, but I gave you the wrong blog name. To link to her blog click here!

Now you may visit her and tell her what a great teacher she is! That is, if the link will work!

I'm working on the binding of my chicken rug. As I said, I'm using number eight strips and whipping the edge with those strips. This is my first attempt at this method. Is this what it's supposed to look like?

I'm happy with it so far. It looks like it will be a time consuming way to finish, but I guess they are all time consuming. That's why I have so many finished rugs hanging in the closet with no edging on them!

I just can't wait to get this one under my belt. Because I've already drawn my next pattern. It's a logo/banner for Shabby Sheep! I'll show pictures of the pattern tomorrow on my 100th post!!!

Don't forget about the Give away for that special post! I'm not going to say what it is until tomorrow when I actually open the drawing. If you mention it on your blog, you'll get an extra entry. If you link to it from your blog you'll get two extra entries!!! How simple is that?
OK, I deleted all of the BIG WORDS that were here earlier! This blogger has gotten so irritating! Can't move the pictures and then these words were about 2 inches tall! Switching to Windows Live Writer tomorrow, I hope.



Ter'e said...

OK Girlfriend!!!! After that post, I'll have to go adjust my eyesight. Honey, you need a nice cup of coffee and to go put your feet up!!!!!
No wait ----- on second thought ---- maybe a nice glass of wine to calm you ------ then put your feet up. LOL Hugs!

arlyce said...

wow...we could all use a nice glass of wine after trying to read that...and the part about the rug binding that we could read was so interesting! arlyce

Sheri said...

So Sorry about the BIG WRITING!!! As I said, blogger would not let me adjust the size!!! I hated to delete it though since we're counting posts! I am trying to switch to Windows Live Writer. It will still be a Blogger blog, just windows will do the editing and formatting. Hope that helps! I'll try it out tomorrow.

Sheri said...

OK, I thought I had deleted all of the big words!!! I did delete the HUGE words, but left the big ones! Go figure. I'm tired. But I did have a glass of wine before I removed the huge letters! I'll try again tomorrow.
Peace, Sheri

TamboinMO said...

Your binding is looking just right!