Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hand dyed wool

OK, so I'm bad. I'm sorry. I know I said I'd post pictures of my latest dyeing on Sunday, but life got in the way. Friday I got my starter kit of Pro Chem dyes from Fed Ex.
So here they are now.

Mustard and two different "pumpkins" both kettle dyed

Navajo blue spot dye

Mixed berries spot

Tequila Sunrise spot dye

Blue Fescue spot dye

Stained glass spot dye

A different stained glass spot and Caymen spot

Peach sparkle, Dijon spot and Butterscotch spot

Crepe Myrtle spot dye

Sea Breeze spot dye
And finally Grenedine (Karen Kahle)

I am going to offer my readers first choice on this hand dyed wool. The spot dyes are $11.00 per quarter yard and the mottled "kettle dye" is $9.00 per quarter yard ( plus #3.00 shipping on the first quarter and an addtl. 1.00 per item after that. ) You may email me and order. This wool will be first come first served and is One of A Kind. I cannot produce the exact same colors again with the spot dyeing. I will be listing it on Etsy on Saturday the 9th so you have the opportunity to order it first!
I hope you like it!
Have a great hump day,
email: shabbysheeprugs@yahoo.com


Jacque. said...

Great looking pieces, Sheri!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You have been very productive!! Really pretty, Sheri! I need to try some spot dying ~ yours turned out great!! Hope you sell lots!

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Beautiful wool Sherri!!

TamboinMO said...

Look at you go girl!

Gayle said...

YUM! I haven't been in the dye pots for months - thanks for the inspiration!

Ter'e said...

WOWSER! How beautiful!!!!! You definitely get an A++.
YOU GO GIRL!!!!! This was definitely worth the wait, in seeing the pictures!!!!!

dulcy said...

Wow! Loving all those colors! Wish I had been able to make the sale. Looking forward to an art date!

JoJo said...

Sheri, your dyeing is certainly beautiful and you've produced some wonderful colors. I've never been bitten by the dyeing bug but with people like you around me, well, I'd rather buy than dye.

Sheri said...

Thank you all for all your lovely comments. But I have to thank Tammy aka Skiptomyewe.blogspot.com for her knowledge and patience teaching me to spot dye. She is the queen of dyeing and I consider myself lucky to have her as my mentor.

Joanne said...

Wow lots and lots of beautiful dyeing results! Can't decide what i like best!

Elizabeth Stanforth-Sharpe said...

The dyes are beautiful, Sheri. I love the stained glass effect. The pro-chem dyes are brilliant, aren't they? And it's great to experiment with small amounts in plastic bags - feathers dye wonderfully well. I'm going the other way with some of my stuff at the moment and experimenting with things like nettle and madder - it's a whole new ball game!!