Monday, June 8, 2009

More garage sale treasures!

We're getting oh so close to the 100th post and the giveaway. I have lots of stuff to say so it shouldn't take long!!!

First I want to tell you about a new cyber friend I made. I was reading her wonderful blog,
I emailed her and asked her help with how to create the link
that lead us to her Flickr pictures from the phrase "to see more pictures click here." I wanted to learn how to link from the word HERE. She graciously and very quickly replied and helped me. She even wrote me twice with her help. Please visit her blog and leave her a comment that you heard she was a nice person! And BTW don't click there above. I haven't done it yet!

Again on Saturday morning I hit the "mother load" of garage sales. And again, I thought I was getting out really late at 8:30. I was prepared to head north all the way across town as there were many neighborhood sales in that direction. Well I had no more gotten out of my driveway when I saw a sign garage sale right. I found, only two streets over a HUGE neighborhood sale. And in a beautiful part of town. Monstrous old houses with cool stuff for sale. I almost felt bad for only paying .50 and $1.oo for this beautiful rhinesone jewelry.

I also got this train case to hold all of my treasures in while I shopped! Here it is before I gave it a facelift.

And here it is after a little paper work!

I'm going to use it to store my soldered glass jewelry making supplies in. It will make me smile every time I open it. I am going to edge the paper around the mirror with some ribbon.

Next there's the tall cart on wheels! I have already filled this up with everything our journaling art group will need to create some magical pieces! Everything but the kitchen sink. And I told you I sold a bunch of my crafting stuff. Really....I did. Promise! I thought I could just wheel it out of my studio when the girls come over. Use the supplies and play. Then put the stuff right back on the cart and roll it back into the studio! Out of the way, but easily accessible. I forgot to say it has a little table that pops up when you need it. All this for only $30.00 I thought it was a steal. Here it is before...

And after a couple of hours of sorting through what should go on it.

And here's my leg after I drug this monster out of the back of my Durango! Ouch.

Foam brushes and sponges for painting in these pots that I painted a few years ago.

Ribbon in the dispenser my friend Becky bought for me. I just mentioned that I needed one and it appeared!! What a
pal. And Becky if you read this scroll down and see the tiny perfume bottle. I got this for you to give to your sister. Call me!!!

Rubber stamps

And of course glue, gesso and Mod Podge.

And these are the stamps I bought that Saturday morning. The poor girl was selling them for her friend. I hope they're still friends, she sold them to me for fifty cents and a dollar for the big ones.

I also bought a xyron sticker maker machine for $3.00. I bought this for our art groups. What fun. We'll be like kids with their stickers!

And this cool wheely thing that rolls images onto your paper complete with 6 ink cartridges.

Well I got all of this plus these great tiny treasures for $15.00.

I think that was the best deal of the day.

At the last sale of the morning I scored again! I got this church cookbook in a wooden cover. I am going to use this for my journal from now on. I got some of those white reinforcer things for the holes. I will just gesso over the recipes and journal away. With the large rings I can really stack things up in my journal.

Then I got these two little books. Someones old telephone numbers book. I can tell it's pretty old because the phone numbers didn't have that many numbers in them. Only five digits on some instead of the now seven. Five cents for the phone book. I glued the price tag on the front!

And this old Cowboy Songbook. I will share this with my girls too for their journaling. I hate to say it but I recognized and even knew the words to quite a few of the songs. We think it's probably from the fifties. Fun!!!

Now I feel like I cannot post another picture even if I had more to share with you. Blogger hasn't been working properly for me for a couple of months. It really wasn't a problem except for when I want to add alot of pics, like today. It will only let me move each picture to the bottom of the page on the screen. It won't scroll down with the pic that I have highlighted like it used to do. Has anyone else had this happen? Do any of you know what to tell me to do to fix it? I really do depend on you guys to answer a lot of questions for me, don't I? Thank You!




Kim said...

Wonderful treasures!!!! Isn't that just the best feeling when you SCORE at the garage sales! I love it! Congrats on your haul! OUCH on the bruise...hope it's healing! :o)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading your blog/posts! I do believe you are the best "garage sale finder!" You really scored with the cart you are using for your journaling--what a lot of neat stuff! Take care. Love Ya, Jeanne

Sheri said...

Yes I do have a knack for seeking out The Best Sales I guess. I start on Wed. night on Craigslist. Our local newpaper is charging $32 for a garage sale ad!!! Then I go to for my driving routes. I really have them listed in driving order and titled sale numbers 123,etc. all that home work really pays off. And I'm getting good at shopping from the car-just cruisin' and can see if there's anything worth getting out of the car for. You know I always have a HUGE cup of coffee and if you get out you have to do something with your drink, find your purse, get your keys out of the car. I tell ya this road shopping is the way to go! Until THE THING you simply cant live without literally jumps out at you!!ta da da da!!Buy me!! I'm the reason you got up at 5:00 on a saturday and rushed to this sale. God, it makes it oh so worth it!!!!!
Can you tell I like to go salin'?

summersundays-jw said...

We've probably met at garage sales & didn't know it. Last weekend I could hardly get out of my neighborhood for all the garage sales. And reeeeeeally good ones too. I filled my garage. Also, you can buy rhubarb at farmer's mkt. It also makes great jelly with strawberries & strawberry/rhubarb pie is to die for. Also, when you figure out how to link a blog address to one word in your blog, wish you would pass it on. I tried to read the instructions but it was way over my head. Mindy (Primitiques n' Poetry) came to visit the shop a few weeks ago. She is as nice as everyone says & David is just as nice. What a treat it was to get to meet someone you read about almost every day & make such a connection with. I'll watch for you at garage sales. Jan

April DeConick said...

Hi Sheri, I just found your blog and love it!

Brenis said...

OH MY GOSH Sheri!!! You hit a MAJORIFIC SCORE!!! Holy cow! You know those little roller stamps? They sell for like 30 bucks each! and then the cartridges are i "think" like 20? All those wonderful artsy goodies!! I am so envious!! LOL!! And have you tried thelittle sticker maker yet?? Tooo too fun!! And the cowboy songs..and and and !!!

PamperingBeki said...

My goodness, what great finds!!

That bruise looks painful though.