Sunday, June 28, 2009

Got slapped in the face Friday!

I knew it would happen, but I did it anyway.  The shopping trip Wednesday was so much fun, BUT it put me in bed all day Friday.  That’s the slap in the face.  Although I’ve been feeling better for about a week, I still have this damned fibromyalgia.  I’ve gotten to a point though, that I would rather play~~then pay.  What else can I do?  Not have any fun again –ever?  Even Mickey kept saying you better not overdo it!  How can you go to those neat fun places and not overdo it, even if you’re not sick?  That’s how it goes for me.  Feel good one day…have fun.  Down for two days…not having fun.. Repeat.  It’s much better than being down every day, I must say.  I’m learning to live with it and adjust.

OK now some fun stuff!!!  I went to the mailbox yesterday and there was a package for me!  (Actually Mickey said it was there on Friday night~~he just forgot to pick it up)

A surprise gift from Ter’e!  My bestest internet friend.  Look at my bootie!  (ok…not my BOOTIE!?!?!) What is it loot?  


This is a flag bag!  It has beaded trim across the bottom.  I had it hanging on the inside of the front door, but Jimmie Dean loved it too!  Now it’s hanging out of his reach.


Didn’t I tell ya it was loot?  I told Ter’e I needed to buy Karen Kahle’s marbleizing book and she said don’t do that!

And the little snowman bag is hanging in the living room now too!  Maybe he will cool me off!  It’s 97 degrees outside today.  I love anything red, white and blue.  And who doesn’t love a little bisque lambie?

This pin was hooked by Victoria Ingalls.  It’s INCREDIBLE!  The size is 1 1/2 inches by 1 inch!!!  I can’t even see the little loops without my granny glasses on.  I couldn’t ever hook something that small.  That’s why I had to quit cross stitching.  Can’t see the holes.



She also sent me a stack of old ATHA hooking magazines.  Boy will I enjoy looking at those.  Maybe I’ll stay in bed some morning and just dream!

And let me not forget.  The biggest surprise.  A “boatload” of Cushings dyes!  I did get in the dye pots yesterday too!  The old dyes didn’t seem to make any difference in how the colors turned out.  I was in heaven!!!


I simply cannot thank her enough.  What a great friend.  And to think we’ve never even met!  (in person)

One other funny thing happened yesterday.  I got up early to go garage saling.  I went to an estate sale in a nice side of town.  Well the guy didn’t really have anything for sale BUT he had a HUGE dumpster in the driveway.  Another lady looked at me and said, “Let’s Get In!”  Of course I started climbing in !!!!  It was the huge kind of dumpster that they bring out when you’re getting a new roof.  BIG! 

It’s already 90 degrees and the humidity must have been the same number.  After only a few minutes digging I was dripping wet!  I found some great things though.  An old suitcase~looks almost like it’s cardboard.  Another Samsonite carry on bag, or train case as I call them,  a metal floral tray, a handful of crocheted doilies, a new bag of poly stuffing, and my favorite thing~old black and white photos.  They are from the 20’s-40’s I think.  Some on the rivers and even two men on a bicycle built for two!  I will definitely  use those in my art journals and I will have plenty to share with my journaling friends!  Mickey Moaned when he saw me unloading the Durango.  More Junk???  Where are you going to put it???



Oh and a local news lady was at the sale.  I told her if she had had her camera crew with her I would have had to bribe him to give me the tape!  Can’t let that secret out All over town.  When I got back in my car I had mascara down to my nose and all around my eyes!  Pretty!  Luckily that was my last stop before I was going home anyway. 

I’m listing some PRIMITIVE COLORED WOOL on Etsy later today!  Be sure and check the shop!  I did get alot of dyeing done yesterday,  thanks to Ter’e! 

Have a great week and stay cool.

Peace, Sheri


Rugs and Pugs said...

Sheri ~
What a great friend. So many goodies!
I haven't cross stitched for years because of the eyes. To think I used to stitch on 30+ count linen. Those were the!
Hope you're feeling better ;-)

Joanne said...

Sheri - what a great day you had - sorry you suffered the day after your junkin. If you are talking about Ter'e from Florida - isn't she just the bestest and most nicest = I hope to met her in person some day and give her a big ole hug!

Ter'e said...

Ah Sheri....................
Thank you for the nice compliments!!! What's the fun of having "cute" things if you don't use them. You are hooked up with a bunch of hookers.........and it's fun to share with gals like you. Florida is not what one would call a hooking mecca.

Enjoy girlfriend!!!! Let's not forget, you have sent me some WONDERFUL "Care Packages". Simply to die for!!!!!! I'm just passing it on..........

katie said...

Dumpster diving Sheri. I should take lessons. When I went to radiation, my girlfriend Peggy and I saw a chair wooden sitting out for the trash. It sat there 3 days and we never got up the guts to stop and get it.

WoolenSails said...

What wonderful goodies Ter'e sent you. There is nothing like a surprise package when you are having a bad day.


Jeanne (RED) Langston said...

Well, Sheri, I know Ter'e and she IS quite the sweetheart! And I know all about the "Play Today and Pay Later!" Hope you get some rest and be ready to go again! You got some great stuff "diving" also. Did you actually get in the dumpster????? Too bad there wasn't a camera around!
Love Ya! Jeanne (RED)