Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kitchen pictures

Here are some pictures of our kitchen. We completly gutted it when we got married. It still had metal cabinets from the 1950's when I moved in. Where the plate rack is now, used to be a countertop stovetop with the range hood and fan in the upper cabinet. I built the plate rack myself!!

Here's the view from the dining room. We built the island too and put in a downdraft stove so we didn't have to have the hood. Imagine newlyweds remodeling!! What a test of true love!?!?!

Here's a fun wine glass holder. Patti will probably laugh at this!!!

And here's our breadbox. I painted this years ago when I acutally lived in the country and there were cows outside the kitchen window. I loved that...

I finished hooking the antique rug and have begun binding it. I am wrapping it with wool yarn. I haven't finished one this way. It looks like it's going to take a long time! But I love the look. I'm going to put this rug at the front door and want something that will wear well. That's why I really decided not to do the fringe. I'll show you a pic when it's finished.

Let the beauty we love be what we do...



pattinmo said...

I love it all, even the rake that holds wine glasses. Of course, I wouldn't bother putting them back after taking them out, but I know you HAVE to put them back just so. I can't wait to see your darling home in person. Patti

Anonymous said...

I love the rake! I just begged my hubs for an old one without the handle. I was wondering what to do with it... now I know! I found you on Daisy Cottage - and loved your sentiments for your friend - exwife. I love that! Another Patti.