Thursday, August 21, 2008

Santa is finished!

Well here he is! What do you think? Maybe I shouldn't have put the sparkly things on the tree? It takes away from the antiqued look, but it is for my sister and she doesn't like primitives.

I don't know, don't you have to have shiny things on the tree, prim or not?

It's been raining here so I couldn't take him outside to spray the varnish until today. I still have two more ironing boards in the basement. I will make one for myself this time. My family has so many one of a kind things that I have made and didn't make one for myself. Every time I visit I think, I wish I had one of those!

Also I am making progress on the Wool Snippets challenge rug. It's a geometric with a pumpkin in the center. I have the border geometric finished and am ready to hook the center. I have no idea what colors I'm going to use for the center which is not odd for me. I usually decide on all the colors as I go and don't plan it all out like some do.

I am already planning my next rug. It is a santa on a rocking horse. I painted it a few years ago on a paper mache' box and I think it would make a great rug.

One year I painted boxes for everyone on my Christmas list. Each one different to match the recipients personality. I usually pick out a theme and make everybody the same thing. One year it was soap, lotions and bath fizzies. Another year it was jewelry. I don't know what I'll make this year. I'm running out of things I know how to do! I can't possibly make rugs for everyone this year and start now. I did think about making mats to use as hot pads maybe with a Christmas theme. I would probably have plenty of time to do that. I kind of worry about what to do when they get dirty which they will.

I am still doing a good job with the vegan thing. I have found some interesting meat substitutes that are pretty good! I'm going to go cook some vegis for dinner now. (I can't believe I said that!!!)

Have a great evening...and
Let the beauty we love be what we do...


Jacque said...

Hey are one talented gal! Ironing board Santa, hey? He looks great! I, too, am having a problem coming up with Christmas gifts. Thought maybe hooked chair pads. Don't know if I have time, though they don't really take that long. We shall see. Keep up the creativity!!!

TamboinMO said...

I love your Santa! I think he turned out great. We missed you at hooking this week. I'm getting a little less vegan everyday. I'm eating some seafood and some cheese, but still doing really well. Eating out is the biggest challenge, but today I had a really good veggie panini at had mozarella, but no face. I think Kenny is really surprised at how long I've kept this up.

Sheri said...

Thank you guys for the compliments. I really don't like the sparkly things this morning!!! Mine definatly won't have them.
And Tammy, when we were at the museum I was starving. Mickey said he'd take me wherever I wanted to go in Branson. The only thing I could think of I could eat was french fries!!! Luckily I had my "purse food" - a healthy granola something bar and made it till we got home. I still haven't been to a restaurant. It is very intimidating!! Especially when out of town. I did think of Wendy's - a baked potato, but didn't want to get on 76 in Branson to find one!

JoJo said...

Boy, Sheri, you have many talents. I really like your ironing board Santa and the rocking chair Santa you painted is adorable! That will be a darling rug.

The more I look at your picture, I'm sure we have met at Lenexa. As you walk in the door at the hall, I'm with Judy Cripps' group and we're at the second and third tables on the left side --- right in front of her vendor area. This last year, we all had gray T-shirts on with Judy's logo on the front and some sheep with 'Got Wool?' printed on the back.

But....if we haven't met...there's always next year!

katie said...

That is a great Santa ironing board. So you can paint and hook. A girl of many talents.
I enjoy your blog.

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