Thursday, August 28, 2008


Darcy is starting a five week yoga class next week. I can't wait. Thought I'd show you how I've been getting ready for my first ever yoga class!!

Not bad huh? I actually found this photo on Josef Vital's photostream on flickr. How inspiring. I can't hardly touch my toes!!

I'm going to try my hand at needle punch today. Wish me luck. I'm going to do Primitive Betty's free pumpkin pattern. Thanks Betty!!

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall...Confucius

Peace, Sheri


primitivebettys said...

I'm sure you will have GREAT success... with yoga and needle punching! :)


Brenis said...

Good luck contorting your body like that Sheri!! LOLOL I know better than to even try! :) I would hurt myself something fierce! Isn't it amazing how people can bend that way!!??
Good luck with needlepunching - i'm sure you'll love it! It's like little mini hooked rugs! :)

katie said...

sheri, let me know how you like needle punch. It's tinyness has always intrigued me.

FYI Saltbox Primitive Woolen has moved into her new bldg. She is open Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 to 3 or 4. Let us know when you are coming.

dulcy said...

Hi Sheri! I hope it's my class (Dulcy) that you're coming to this week! I will send you directions tomorrow. You'll be twisting and turning in no time!


katie said...

My but that looks painful. At lease it would be if I tried it.