Sunday, August 17, 2008

Road trip

Yesterday was the most beautiful day weatherwise I have ever seen! We loaded up the gas guzzling Durango and headed on a short road trip to Point Lookout, MO. It's where The College of the Ozarks is located. They have a museum called the Ralph Foster Museum. It is also called the Smithsonian of the Ozarks. Ha--Ha Anyway... My husband and I have lived here all our lives and neither one of us had ever visited the museum. It's only about 40 miles from home. It houses the original Beverly Hillbillies truck. Woo hoo!!!
There were some nice old crazy quilts, but no hooked rugs which very much surprised me.
This museum houses all things from the Ozarks. There was a Huge gun collection which didn't hold my interest very long but DH loved them all.
All 4 huge rooms full . This guy Foster was a real gun freak!

Here is an old spinning wheel and a large loom. I would like to learn to spin one day. I'll have to say it's a far cry from the Smithsonian. Even though I have never been there! There was a small log cabin constructed inside. Here is the old rope bed. Can you imagine sleeping on this?
On the way home on the side of the road on the highway was the familiar bright neon green garage sale sign!! I begged, please take me there! We followed the signs to another Ozarks tourist destination. Bonniebrook, the home of Kewpie doll creator Rose O'neill. The garage sale was inside the gift shop. It was a flop but this place was awesome. Again another place we've never stopped. On the grounds is the original house she lived in and created the dolls. A beautiful stream runs right outside the side porch. We both looked at each other and said oh I wish we lived here.
This is the stream that runs along side the house. There is a small porch right above it. What a nice place for morning coffee. They have also constructed a little bridge over the stream with a gazebo at the end. So relaxing. It is all very shaded by the stream. I swear it was 10 degrees cooler there than out in the grass.

Back at home I have been working on the geometric challenge rug for wool snippets. I had quite a bit finished when I decided I hated it! I was doing a monochromatic with creams and whites. I really didn't like how it was turning out so I took it all out and started over. I am much happier with it this time. Can't post any pictures of it though, since it's a challenge rug. The deadline is Sept. 30. I think I'll probably have it finished this week though. There's a Santa rug I want to hook. I have it painted on a paper mache box and I think it would be a great rug.

Also I'm almost finished with my sisters birthday Santa. I think she has her computer fixed now so I'm not going to post pics of that till I'm sure. I would hate to ruin the surpise!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.



Dana Jones said...

Hello, I blog-hopped over from Vickie at Hogscald Holler. I thought on a related story, you might enjoy my post about an antique loom.

Your rug is very pretty, and I love what you did with the white grapevine wreath And if you don't mind, I may copy the idea for the holidays!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Looks like you had a great road trip with your Mr. And I want to tell you how much I like your antique rug ~ and good call on the fringe! You did a really nice job and it didn't seem to take you long!!

TamboinMO said...

Sheri, I haven't been to that museum since I was in 6th grade, but I remember it being pretty neat. I hear they have a good restaurant at the School of the Ozarks there. I'm on vacation this week, so we might head down there. Have never been to the O'Neill looks pretty.