Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dyeing wool today

What a beautiful Saturday morning. Cloudy with a few sprinkles, but it is cool outside. We've been experiencing the hot and muggies. I am not a hot weather fan. Maybe 'cause of the hot-flashes, but it makes me bitchy.

Today is the day we take our entries to the fairgrounds for the Ozark Empire Fair. It starts next Friday. I took two rugs to exhibit. I've lived here all my life and Never entered anything in the fair. I think it will be fun. Here's what I submitted. The first one is titled "Sunflower" and is my own design and the other one is "Herb Angel" by Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farms.

On my sunflower rug I appliqued the sunflower petals and stuffed them with a little fiberfill. Then I beaded inside the flower. Gold and brown beads.

I also thought I'd show you the dyeing I did of all of my bargain thrift store and garage sale wool. I dyed for about three hours today. I only do two pots at a time, so it takes a little while. I rinse and spin in the washing machine and then dry it in the dryer. We took down our clothesline down a few years ago. But I think the wool get fluffier in the dryer anyway.

Yesterday my neighbor Paula and I went to Ozark, Missouri for some shopping. Ozark is known for its antique shops and flea markets. Well the antiques were outrageously priced and the flea markets only had fleas! What a disappointment. We did have a great lunch at a Mexican place on the town square. Excellent margaritas!! Here's Paula in front of one of the shops. This one had all stuff made in China. I hate that!!! Why call it a mercantile and put up the cute sheep sign? All to fool us, that's why. I expected a quaint little shop.
And here's me checking out a chicken (from China) I would like to see our local potters' chickens in our local shops!!

I guess I'd better stay in town and shop at the local garage sales where I know I can find a bargain. Some might call me a tightwad. I don't care!! I really hate to pay full price for anything. Like I said, it's the thrill of the hunt. Happy hunting to all of you,



Gayle said...

Wow Sheri! Your day of dyeing had wonderful results! Could you share what recipe you used for the mustard gold wool? That's the color that is hardest for me to have success with and I keep thinking I just need to find the right recipe!

Sheri said...

Gayle, I'd be happy to share the recipe. The lightest is called Mustard Seed. I use Cushings dye.
And I dyed it over natural and camel wool.
1/2 t. Buttercup yellow
1/2 t. Old gold
1/4 t. Nugget gold
1/4 t. Golden brown
Mix all in CBW and add the whole cup to dye bath.
The recipe is from the book from Vermont Folk Rugs, but I don't guess you can get it anymore. I looked on their website and didn't see it. I had only borrowed the book. It has swatches and everything. Maybe if we ask they will make another one! They were all beautiful colors. Very warm and prim.

The darker is Karen Kahle's Maple:
3/4 t. Bronze
1/2 t. gold
1/16 t. cardinal in CBW.
I dyed these over camel and a light tan.

Gayle said...

Thanks so much for the recipes Sheri. I've copied them down and will be giving them a try one day soon.