Tuesday, July 8, 2008

These two are finished-almost

Today I finished these two rugs. The one with the sheep only needed an eye and ear. And I rehooked the lettering for our cottage. The picture shows it really bright, but the lettering is almost navy blue.

I know.... I can't really say they're finished 'cause the edges aren't finished. I think I'll just whip the linen to the back of the cottage rug. I'm going to hang it on the front door. With just a couple of small tacks. The sheep one I will make into a pillow to go on the love seat it is pictured on. I think it will look great. Our house isn't primitive, it's more cottage style. It was built in 1929 and is stucco outside and plaster and lath on the inside.

I love extreme primitive, but my hubby doesn't like it AT All!

I think the more chippy the paint the better!! He never complains about my decorating style though. Our bedroom is PINK and white very shabby chic. Poor guy. He knows that I change my mind all the time with decorating so he probably thinks it won't last that long!! I'll show some bedroom pics later.
Tomorrow I'm going to the thrift stores in my neighborhood. The Salvation Army and the Disabled Vets stores are within walking distance from our house. They usually have great sales. I won't pay full price for anything--- not even at thrift stores. That just wouldn't be thrifty!
Have a great evening,

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Anonymous said...

OMG...I have the same love seat!

I did a quick double take! Thanks for sharing your blog with us. We must be kindred sisters...I also have fibromyalgia, but not disabling, yet. Therapy and NSAIDs have helped so far.

I love your hooking, too. Great blog!