Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Garage sale shopping!

Hi all. Last Thursday I went to the thrift stores and Friday I went garage saling. I met the most wonderful lady who had crocheted shawls at her sale. She had tried to sell them at our local shops, but Springfield isn't known for people paying for what handmade things are worth. I don't think she probably sold them at her g.sale either, 'cause they were $70 and $80. Too much for us bargain hunters. I did find out that she is a spinner and a weaver and is involved in a local fiber arts group that meets in the fall, winter and spring. She invited me to come to the meetings in Sept.

After talking some she said, "I have some wool for sale that I was going to make a blazer out of, but never did." I said lets see! It's this beautiful tan herringbone. The price you ask???

3 yards for THREE DOLLARS!!!

I also paid $3.oo for the beautiful orange jacket. She had some mens wool sports coats but wanted $6 each for them. I explained that this is only my "bargain finding wool addiction:" She laughed and understood, besides I thought what if a man could really wear the jackets to keep himself warm? She took my phone number and called me after the sale and said How about free for the coats? I was in my car lickety split!! I took her a gift of one of the lavendar sachets that I had just finished. Tickled her to pieces!!

Also that day I found this great enamel pot with two handles on it. It does have a small spot of rust in the bottom and I'm kinda worried about dying in it? What do you guys think, has anyone ever used a pot with rust in it? I'll give it a try with a small piece of "ugly" wool first.

That about it for my bargain hunting except for a beautiful pair of rhinestone earrings. I have tons of them. My husband calls me a CROW, if I see anything shiny, I'll bend over and pick it up! Could be called many worse things!!!! I like crows anyway.

Have a great day and let me know what you think about the rust in the dye pot.

Sheri...Let the beauty we love be what we do.


TamboinMO said...

I think you should "go for it". Put some crappier wool in there and see what happens....if the rust is a problem, just use it to dye your darker colors...I think it will be fine.
You ARE the thrift QUEEN!

Katie said...

Great garage sale day. FREE wool what could be better than that. Don't know what to tell you about the dye pot. I don't do much dyeing Patty the shop owner does most of mine, I might think to ask her today and let you know. I mostly use an electric cooker. You can't dye to much at a time tho, it is not very big.