Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hooked Alot Today!!

Boy, did I ever!! I realized I don't have that far to go! Do you remember the original antique I showed you? It had a fringed edge. I would like to do that but I am not quite sure how. I guess kind of like you attach tassels, through the hole with a knot?!? I would appreciate any suggestions.

Today I was in the kitchen and I heard a bzzzz behind the wooden blinds in the kitchen. I have a big phobia about wasps!!! So, I grabbed a towel, closed the blinds and smashed the bug!!!

Not.... I broke the window out!!! And the bug was still buzzing in the broken glass. He finally made it to the back door and I opened it and let it out. Now to clean up the glass. The windows in our house are original (1929) the kind with the little bubbles in it. We just happen to have a new window in the basement. We just haven't gotten around to installing it. I have really been avoiding replacing the windows, because they're so "vintage". But the wind just howls through in the winter and the sun cooks in the summer. Oh well, now we have no choice!

I'm going to try to finish this rug by the end of the week. That would be my fastest one yet. I started it on the 21st. The only problem I have is I can only sit for about one hour before the FM pain sets in. I can change chairs or get up and walk or stretch and then get back to it after a while. But some days all I can do is lay down. That puts a damper on hooking.

Oh yeah, I need to mention a new Yahoo group started this month called Fibre and Fibro. It's for people not only with fibromylgia, but with other chronic pain symptoms too. It is funny how we are all drawn to wool and working with our hands. Here's the link: www.groups.yahoo.com/group/fibreandfibro/

Have a good evening and visit the new group if you are interested.

Let the beauty we love be what we do...



Gayle said...

Sheri - Your rug is looking really good, and I like it LOTS better than the original. Can't wait till you get it done!

JoJo said...

Great progress on the rug, Sheri. You're getting more done than I am. Before you know it, you're going to be steaming and binding it.

Sorry about your window! That sounds like something I would do....break the glass and the bug lives on!!

TamboinMO said...

Wow girl! You've got a lot finished! I'm still putzing around and need to finish up the two purses I started.
Right now, going out to mow before it starts to rain....maybe it will just stay cloudy today.

Trudy said...

You are an amazing hooker:)
Sorry for laughing at your glass situation...are you sure that it didn't happen accidently...on purpose??

Jacque said...

Hey Sheri...you're doing an awesome job on that rug! Had to laugh at your window story...I am so paranoid, that I would have done something just like that! In fact, the other day, I about beat myself up trying to kill a bug that turned out to be a piece of cheesecorn. hahahahahaha!!!

Dulcy said...

Hi Sheri!

I just read about your prize at the fair. Way to go gal! I'm not the least bit surprised because you are one talented chick! Hope to see you this Wednesday.


Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hi Sheri - I found your post on my blog and then linked through to yours - what a delight. So many fun things and you are a great story teller. I will be a regular visitor and put you in my favourites. Thanks for helping me find you. And I love your circles rug.
Wendie from The Rugged Moose.