Thursday, July 24, 2008

Photos from our garden and another new project

Our garden isn't as grand as the master gardeners, but I still think it's beautiful. Just like a mother!! Here are some pics from this morning.

This hosta is "fragrant beauty". It smells like sweet perfume.

Our guard dog...
Our long and narrow lot... way back there is a blue bench. I want to make it a secret garden someday.

Mmm...blackberries. I haven't had one! I've had the bushes for three years and when they are good and ripe the birds swoop down and eat every one! I ate this one today, even though it was still sour. I wonder what time birds get up in the morning!?!
And here's the other project I started this morning. I started with 2 garage sale candleabras and an antique bird cage stand. I spray painted them white. Somehow I am going to marry the light fixture with the stand. I still haven't figured out how to wire it. It will be about chest high when put together. Not a real tall floor lamp.

See that lime green desk? That was in someone's trash!! LOL. How could I let that be thrown away? My poor husband. He tolerates me but always says if I bring in something new, I have to get rid of something. Sometimes I actually do throw stuff out. Not really throw it out, but I donate to the Salvation Army where I love to shop!!! Once I honestly saw a sweater and thought, "that's really pretty", then I realized it used to be mine. I didn't buy it again. How's that for not bringing stuff home?

Tomorrow's Friday!!!

Let the beauty we love be what we do...



art spirit said...

Hi Sheri..thanks for your visit to my answer your questions...the softies are going to Somerset Mag. new mag. called Stuffies..due Aug.15..and the pin cushion is for a group I heard about called Tricia's Textile Challenge (I think) I can send you the real address if you want to join. I just try and join in on things that look like fun to me. I think My favorite is still rug hooking too! Love your links!

JoJo said...

Your gardens and flowers are beautiful. And with the desk, birdcage stand and candleabra, you're a master recycler. Great ideas.

Trudy said...

Hi Sheri,

I will post to you from our group as well, but I thought that I would try and send you the link to it from here.

You should be able to go to 'add or create' a new post, then put this in the message.
Fibre and Fibro
I think that should do it.